Holmes going up to take a run, actually to have fun. L.E.S.

Name / Nick: Petr Holman / Holmes

Birth: 1989

Bmx since: 2008

3 things you like most about trails: riding in wood on fresh air, trails rythm, relax

3 things you do not like to see at trails: rains, winter, fall down

3 words associated with trails at most: airs, beer, friends

3 trails spots to ride: L.E.S. May be some better around but I have never ridden anything better.

3 trail riders you admire: Mike Clark – he’s insane, Dane Searls – may memory of him live forever, Mike Aitken – the legend of my life

5 words about you: bike, music, my girlfriend, pc and console gaming, chilling

Checktrails.com role: webmaster, editor

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