Kuba chilling on the beach somewhere in New Zealand, I am jealous.

Name/nick: Kuba Najman (overcountry guys tell me Jacob)

Birth: 198x

Bmx since: 2004

5 words about: T-1, Cykloferda.cz, NewZealand, Music, health

3 things you like most about trails: the world is our playground!

3 things you do not like to see at trails: scooter kids, haha… and garbage

3 words associated with trails: Jičín, trubmx.blogspot.com, trees

3 trails spots to ride: JUST 3? HAHA, are you kidding me?

3 trail riders you admire: Mike, Clint, Yeagle

Checktrails.com role: Editor, Photographer


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