Hazelwood. It is tough to say what are the best trails or lamest trails or whatever. It doesn’t make much sense to judge it anyway, it is personal taste of everybody. Someone may like blond, I don’t, someone may like pump track style technical trails, I don’t, what is better? Well, there is something I can say about Hazelwood though, these Pittsburgh’s trails is scariest, craziest place I have ever been to, honestly I can’t even imagine another spot, that could beat it. At the same time, Hazelwood trails are dialed, pure state of art made by some of the greatest trail builders ever. That place is the paradise for all skilled trail riders with balls big enough to roll it in, which itself is with no doubt a challenge. I want to come back someday.

Although no video can show how crazy these trails really are, this is pretty good try. Mark Potoczny’s POV, Hazelwood 2012.

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