Vans Dirt&Roll

Vans Dirt&Roll, idea of Kudr, that I already in the beginning refused to work on as too much work for no grand. However, Kudr had different opinion and finally made it. Vans Dirt&Roll, this very interesting connection of bmx event and music festival will be held in Jicin in the end of June. First official info here.

Vans Dirt&Roll
29. – 30.6.2012
Jicin, Czech Republic
Prize money 25.000 CZK

Unique connection of bmx dirt jump event and rock’n’roll music festival will be held in Jicin, Czech Republic. Look around, can you see the pictures, can you see the line? Looking good, ain’t it? This is it, bmx part of this event will be on this amazing course, designed by Tomas Kudrnac, Dusan Antalik and Martin Capek, more in trails style than dirt jump for real. Honestly, something like this has been never seen before in Czech, I mean a dirt jump course like this, where international event will be held. Yes, right, I said international and not only because of Dudo Antalík. Lot of great foreign riders are invited, expect rider list soon.

Vans Dirt&Roll course, I am looking forward to ride the line.

But this one is not about bmx only, not at all. This is partly music festival as well. You can be looking forward to about 8 concerts going from hardcore to alternative, guitars on all the time for sure. Status Paesents, První Hoře or Wifebeaters to name a few.

That all for free, count also beer tent, beautiful and hot chicks, good time and party all the time. I mean anything a guy can want. Event is situated to very nice green area not far from downtown of Jicin, you will like it.

Beer tent, yes, this is what I am looking forward to as well. Couple cold ones while watching the show.

At last not least, „L.E.S. trails“ are less than 15 minutes to pedal from event, sessions are planned there as well, which can be pretty interesting too.

Sounds good, I guess. Come and find out on your own.

Partner: Town of Jičin

Vans Dirt&Roll is supported by: Vans, O2 Think Big, Jägermeister, Replac-BM a.s., Red Bull, Demolition, Volume, Protec, Bmx Freestyle Asociace

Media partners: Dirtbiker, Element, Moje Jičínsko.

One more look at the place, June 29-30, Jicin, Czech Republic. I can't wait.

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3 Responses to Vans Dirt&Roll

  1. beer says:

    bomba, jen ty vizualizace vipadaj jak reklama na beer než na dirt@roll 😀

  2. Adam Robenek says:

    to se pozná kdo považuje tuto tekutinu za podstatnou část životního ručení 😀

  3. hout says:

    Hehe, má být rockový fest a dirtový contest ne? Ani jedno si bez píva neumím představit. Beer stan je základ 😉

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