Jay Miron – Canadian beast

This one is not about trails, but who cares. Jay Miron is one of the best riders ever in my book, crazy guy from Canada. I remember two stories with him. One is from Worlds in Cologne, 2004. He got drunk as hell on Saturday night, not able to walk. Next day around noon or so when started miniramp pro final, he climbed up on the ramp, sunglasses on, jumped in and pulled perfect super high 360 tailwhip over the spine. Finally finished second or third. Amazing. Second story came from X-Games, I do not know which ones, but long time ago. He tried and almost landed 540 double tailwhip in vert, the trick has been never done before. He was asked how long he trained for that attempt. Jay replied he got the idea about a year ago and for last six months was thinking of it, at X-Games he felt it could work, so he did it. It was first try. Fuck yeahhh. Jay Miron is the man and one of the biggest legend of bmx ever. No need to remind, that it was him who brought Elevation, the best dirt jump contest of all time. I do not know, how old this video is, I would estimate middle 90s, check the level of his riding, so sick. Enjoy this oldschool.

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  1. Wow! Really he is best. I enjoyed this video. Thanks for sharing.

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