Empire Bad Idea – mix section

Best guys from the best times of bmx for me. Tons of rad clips and good music. Enjoy over 8mins of heaven. Empire is not only mailorder of bmx stuffs. It´s more like maker of bmxdreams for all of us with their team riders, style, support and their goodwill.
Please click the link bellow (im posting from ipad after long day at work)

Bad Idea – mix section

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2 Responses to Empire Bad Idea – mix section

  1. hout says:

    Jo, tak tohle byla ranní paráda. 4:01, Kudře tvl. viděl jsi to? Pro všechny, na ten skok se jede 60, je to obrovský step-up hip, na živo jen rovně je to fakt dost. A pan Doyle 27 invert, no do prdele.

  2. kudr says:

    Parádní video, dokonce mi přijde, jestli ten hip ještě nenahodili!

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