Snakewoods jam

Už je to asi týden staré video z Austrálie. Toto je podle mě naprostá pecka. O to horší je zpráva ta, že Snakewoods se bude za necelý rok bourat z nějakého posraného důvodu, něco jako místní rozvoj nebo co. Přidávám slova od Jamese Foxe, který je zároveň tvůrcem tohoto videa.

“I have to say that Snakewoods is defiantly one of my favourite places!! I can’t think of many better things then not showering for 4 days, getting absolutely shit faced in the bush, and riding some of the best trails in Australia with the best dudes goin!! Unfortunately around June next year all that is going to come to an end when they get demolished for some stupid development! So this was it… The Snakewoods Last Call Jam. Three days of getting blind and riding with with some of the raddest dudes in the australian bmx scene.”

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